Services We Provide – While you wait:


Jewelry Services

  • Ring sizing – Our master jewelers can resize your favorite rings smaller or larger. We also specialize in resizing your class rings. We can resize all types of rings such as gold, silver, and platinum. 
  • Stone replacement – Our master jewelers can replace any type of stone that was lost on your favorite ring. We specialize in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and all other stones.
  • Prong Repairs – Loose stone? Our master jewelers can re-tip or replace weak prongs to ensure your ring never loses another stone again.
  • Chain / Bracelet Repairs – We can repair broken chains and bracelets by re-soldering. Our master jewelers take pride in our process and strive to make the chain look like new.
  • Pearl Restringing – Our team employs only the top quality silk string and also provide double knotting to prevent your pearls from falling apart again. Due to the delicate process, the turn around time is usually within the week.


Custom Jewelry  Services

Do you have a great design for your next jewelry piece?

Do you want a custom one of a kind piece?

Our master jeweler, Ed has a unique vision to create a masterful piece of jewelry from your idea or his inspiration. He can take your favorite stone from a piece and give it new life in your new creation. Stop by today and talk with our master jeweler Ed and he will make your vision come true!



Watch Services

  • Battery Replacement – We replace watch batteries on all types of watches- antique, digital, designer, daily watches. 
  • Crystal Replacement – We service and replace broken and cracked watch crystals. Our specialized staff can even cut custom hard to find crystals for those hard to replace styles.
  • Stem and Crown Replacement – We service and replace all watch stem and crowns. We use top quality and acceptable replacement parts to make your watch like new again.
  • Watch Bands – We have an extensive line of watch bands to replace your worn band. We are an authorized re-seller of Speidel and Stuller bands.
  • Clean Over All Service – Our master watchmaker will delicately take apart and recondition your watch. This service will keep your favorite watch running like new! This service includes:
    • Cleaning of watch case and band
    • Re-oiling of watch movement parts
    • Polish case (if applicable)
    • Replace water seal gaskets
  • Watch Part Replacements – We can replace worn water seal gaskets, band pins, and even replace your broken watch movement. A movement replacement will allow you to enjoy your favorite watch for many years to come!




All services and parts come with a one year warranty!